Monday, 2 February 2015

Monday Motivation Week 4

Another Monday is here upon us, the weeks are just flying by. Another Monday means analysing the week just gone and analysing my results, of course. Last week was a good week for me so I'm feeling extra positive for a Monday!

My Results & Stats

The target that I set for myself was to lose 2lbs and I smashed it! I'm am delighted! I really didn't think that I would lose anything because I'm at the stage of my training where I can see muscle definition, in my legs in particular, and as we all know muscle weighs heavier! I'm loving these subtle changes because my clothes are now starting to look and feel more comfortable. 

So here is how I have done this week:
Weight - 12 stone 6lbs
Height - 5ft 7
BMI - 27.3 (Down from 27.7 last week)
Thighs - 26.5 - lost 0 inchs
Bottom - 45 -  lost 1/2 inch
Hips - 42 lost 1 inch
Waist - 40.5 lost 0 inches
Chest - 38 lost 0 inches
Arms - 13 lost 1/2 inch

Although my inch loss is not to great I know that this is because I am building muscle but I love seeing the changes, yes they might be slow to come but I'm trying to do this in the healthiest way possible. It's so motivating seeing the numbers going down each week and I'm now finding that my stamina, when exercising, has hugely improved. 

Those size 12 jeans are within reach! I'm just filled with positivity today, considering that it's Monday!!  

Food Plan

This week the food plan allowed me to reintroduce white meat and fish and to have 1 cheat meal. This was a huge bonus and gave me a boost. My cheat meal was fajitas on Friday night, at my lovely mother-in-laws house and I enjoyed every bite! 
I'm now finding that I'm not craving sweet things as much but if I do get a mad craving for chocolate I'll just have some granola and natural yoghurt. I don't eat a huge amount as there is sugar in the granola but what I do eat is enough to kill any craving. So far that's what has worked for me so I'm going to stick to that.
As per yesterday's post, I took part in Race 1 of the Run Clare Series, on Saturday. It was 5K which I completed in 34.51 minutes. Now to more seasoned runners I'm sure that this is brutal but for me personally it's a great achievement because I wanted to do it in under 35 minutes.

This week will see me running training 3 days, in order to build myself up to the 5 mile run in Quilty in 2 weeks. I will also do 4 20min intensive workout routines. I will allow my body to rest on Wednesday and Sunday because I don't want to over do it.
My Short Term Goals – Week 4
This week I want to focus on building myself up for the 5 mike run. I will be running training Tuesday and Thursday as normal and then I will attempt a longer run on Saturday. I do tend to struggle with hitting my "wall" quite early, when running, so I want to work on mental exercises to help push through this.
So here are my short term goals for this week:
Complete a long run on Saturday - 4 miles
Lose 2lbs
Train my mind not to hit the "wall" too early

Communication Issues

I hate to give out because I feel that the negativity gets me nowhere in life but sometimes everyone needs a rant! Here goes (I hope you are prepared!).

As I've previously explained, I'm doing the 60 day plan with Fit Man Fran, having previously had huge success doing his 30 day challenge. Just before I started the plan Fran had agreed that he would email the food plan, on a Wednesday or Thursday, for the following week and would post 2 days worth of exercises at least 24hours in advance. Unfortunately I have spent more time chasing after him for the information. It's very frustrating because I work full time as well as having a 7 1/2 month old baby, I don't have time to constantly beg for the information required, in order to plan ahead.
Now I do believe in his plans and I know from personal experience that they do work so that's why I'm so frustrated. Who knows maybe he has too much going on in his life but if so I wish he would say something instead of ignoring my messages and comments. I sent the below comment last night but I got no reply (the exercises were posted at 12 last night, which was too late for me to plan for today).

Maybe I'm being to harsh but I'm frustrated because I'm giving 100% to the plan but I don't feel that I'm getting the same in return! Anyway that's my rant over, I'm not letting my positivity get affected by it!
My final thought is this: I will mentally train myself to see the below vision (much to the annoyance of my husband) at the finish line of every race, surely it'll make me run faster!!!

My training partner Eimear has been following the Operation Transformation plan. Click on the link to see how she is getting on: Chirps From A Little Red Hen.

Until the next time, always remember to be: 

Dee-Termined To Glam & Glow

Dee x


  1. Well done Denise, your doing amazing, keep it up.
    You will be proud of me I just signed up to a 5k in April & plan to sign to another!!

  2. Thanks ladies! Well done Eimear that's great! Happy training!

  3. You are doing fantastic well done x

  4. Well done hun you are doing amazing, rant well warranted I hope Fran starts communicating more efficiently to assist you in planning and meeting your targets x