Monday, 23 February 2015

Monday Motivation Week 7

Wow I'm already at week 7!!! How fast have those few weeks gone! 

My Results & Stats

So here are my results for this week:
Weight - 12 stone 2lbs
Height - 5ft 7
BMI - 26.6 (Down from 27 last week)
Thighs - 26 - lost 0 inches
Bottom - 44 lost 1/2 inch
Hips - 41.5 lost 1/2inch
Waist - 40.5 lost 0 inches
Chest - 37.5 lost 1/2 inch 
Arms - 13 lost 0 inches

So I reached my target of 2lbs this week but it was not without some obstacles. 

I was only able to manage 1 run during the week, due to circumstances beyond my control. When I did get out for my run, on Wednesday, I found that I was in such bad form and I still don't know why! 

It was great motivation because I ran and ran for 6K and didn't hit my wall! I think I should make sure that when go for a run in future that I'm in bad form. I will be running a 5 mile in Quilty in Co Clare, on Sunday so I think I'll have to build a temper beforehand!!!!

As per yesterday's post, on Saturday my sister and I did two of The Burren Trails. It was a lovely morning and no where near as hard as we expected. We walked/climbed 9K in 2hrs 55mins. We were delighted with this because according to the trail website these trails are estimated to take 3hrs 55mins!

We stretched and cooled down after so I was feeling great but then when I got home and picked up my 8 month old son I felt a tinge in my back! I was hoping to go for a run on Sunday but I was unable due to my back pain. I'm just resting it now so that I don't do any damage but it's frustrating not being able to go running! I have been using Deep Heat patches and Voltarol cream so hopefully they will help!
My Short Term Goals – Week 7
This week I want go get back down to my pre pregnancy weight so my short term goals for this week:
Run the 5 mile in Quilty!
Lose 2lbs and reach my pre pregnancy weight of 12 stone
As you know I'm following Fit Man Fran's 60 Day Challenge and it has definitely made a difference weight wise. However I am once again frustrated with Fran.

We received no exercises for Saturday and we are still waiting for tomorrow's exercises to be posted. I have also asked for the food plan for the next 2 weeks but once again my messages and comments have gone unanswered! Fran must be busier than the president if he cannot answer at least one of my messages. 

For me it's very disappointing because I am giving his plan all of my energy but he, sadly, is not doing the same for us. He must be fairly naive if he thinks that I wouldn't mention it in my blog! 

Anyway that's enough negativity for one evening!

Until the next time, always remember to be: 

Dee-Termined To Glam & Glow

Dee x


  1. Well done hun, your doing fantastic, go you :-)

  2. Thanks hun, you are always such a great support! X