Monday, 13 July 2015

Run Clare Series 5K

Yesterday was the day of the start of the Run Clare Series , organised by the Eamon Moloney 10K. It began with Race 1, a 5K, in Lee's Road Complex Ennis. Ultra runner Keith Whyte was the official race starter (A fellow Clare person who recently won the 100k ultra Marathon in the Antartic).

The turnout was unreal. 700 people, including myself and my sister Orla, who had pre registered, and another 200 approx turned up on the day, although it felt like there was way way more. As a result of us pre registering, we recieved personalised numbers. We must keep these for the next 3 races.

All I can say is that I ran the full 5K NON- STOP!!!!!!! 

Now don't get me wrong I struggled, as I knew I would but i did it and the sense of self satisfaction is great. Since I started running I have had a problem with hitting my "wall" too early, usually around the 2K mark, and I find that I battle, mentally, with myself to keep going. Yesterday I wouldn't allow myself to be beaten and by the 4K marker I was ready to take a rest but I just thought to myself that I won't let the last kilometre beat me and thank god I didn't because I shed a tear when I saw the finish line (more so from relief) but I would have been like a blubbering fool if I'd have allowed myself to walk!

There was a lot of running up hill then back downhill and it continued like this for the first 2 1/2K and on the run up to the 3K marker there was a slow steady incline, which I though would kill me, but after this it was pretty much level ground, with a bit of downhill. Because I'm local to the area I knew the route, but I had never ran it, so I knew the land marks, which was a help in knowing how much farther I had to run.

Once we turned the corner for the last 1/2K I knew I could keep going so I pushed on. It wasn't until I heard an onlooker say "only 100 yards to the finish line.... Push, push, push" that I took off like the hammers of hell! Some poor Stewart had to jump of the footpath to make way for my "attempted" sprint, more like a dinosaur plodding down the street! I nearly collapsed at the finish line but thank god I didnt because how embarrassed would I be then?!

My official time was 34.51 seconds so I did it in just under my target of 35 minutes. I have a lot of improving to do but the fact that I did it in less that my "target" is great! I now need to focus all my energy on Race 2, the 5 mile in Quilty.

  My sister did it faster than I did so fair play to her but it would have been nice to keep pace with her. I have to give her credit though because she left me at the 4K marker and took off at an unreal pace! She has joined an Ennis based running club and they do a lot of interval training, which she feels has improved her stamina, so that's something I'm going to take on board.

I've been stalking Facebook like a crazy woman since last night looking for photos of us in the race! I did manage to fine some of us in the middle of the crowd, below, and some of my sister on her own but I did not come across any clear photos of myself. Now you might think that I'm being very vain but for me this is a huge personal achievement and, considering there were so many different photographers present on the day, I have not seen 1 clear photo of myself. It would be nice to be able to document it photographically.

My only reason for being so disappointed about the lack of photos is because, on a number of occasions, Orla said to me "smile, there is photographer just up ahead" and so, through my torture I smiled, hoping that I wouldn't look like a lunatic smiling through gritted teeth! At one stage, between the 3 and 4K marker we passed a photographer parked outside a house and there was nobody in front of us for about 5-10 yards so I know that he definitely got clear photos of us but as of yet I have been unsuccessful in finding these photographs! 

Overall I was on a high after the race but it's weird because I should have been feeling amazing in general but by the time I got home yesterday evening I was in a crapy mood! Don't ask me why, I think maybe it was such an anti climax after such a great day, maybe if we'd have went out for a couple of drinks it would have helped but with a 7 month old baby it's not as easy!

All in all I feel such a great sense of achievement and I'm even more motivated now to achieving my goal of running the 10 miles by April. In some state of madness we decided to sign up for the Great Limerick Run HALF MARATHON!! Are we crazy? Yes but at least it's a new goal to add to the list!!! Onwards and upwards! 

Until the next time, always remember to be: 

Dee-Termined To Glam & Glow

Dee x


  1. Well done Dee - am so proud of you and Orla

  2. Fair play Denise, your doing fantastic.
    Your motivated & Dee-Termined.... Don't be hard on yourself, give yourself a well deserved pat on the back 😃