Monday, 9 March 2015

Monday Motivation Week 9

This week saw more positives and negatives but mainly positives! Lets, firstly, look at my stats for this week:

So here are my results for this week:
Weight - 11 stone 13lbs
Height - 5ft 7
BMI - 26.3 (Down from 26.6 last week)
Thighs - 26 - lost 0 inches
Bottom - 44 lost 0 inches
Hips - 41.5 lost 0 inches
Waist - 40 lost 1/2 inch
Chest - 37.5 lost 0 inches
Arms - 13 lost 0 inches

Now I know that I only lost 1/2 inch but not only did I get back down to my pre pregnancy weight but I managed to lose an extra 2 lbs! I am delighted. Honestly I don't know what I did to make such a huge drop but I'm so happy. I haven't been able to wipe the smile off my face all day. It's a great personal achievement because I have not been under 12 stone for years!

During the week I only managed to complete a 2K run on both Tuesday and Thursday. My foot was quite sore all week so I didn't want to push it. I had only just gotten over having a sore back and then I hurt my foot, it's typical! 

It was my left foot that hurt. It felt like a bad cramp and hurt more and more the longer that I was stood or walked. I rested when possible and it seems to be getting better so let's just hope that I will be able to complete my training successfully this week!

My Short Term Goals – Week 8

Due to my lack of training over the past week I really want to focus my energy on getting back into full training for the 10K run in 2 weeks. I'm going to run 5K on Tuesday and do some interval training on Thursday and I'll then attempt a long run at the weekend.

Because my main focus is to get my running back on track I am not going to put myself under pressure to lose weight. So my short term goals for this week:
Run 3 times this week 
Include 1 long run of no less than 8K

Until the next time, always remember to be: 

Dee-Termined To Glam & Glow

Dee x


  1. Well done Dee that's an amazing achievement! Im not surprised Ur chuffed! Best of luck for the week ahead x

    1. Thanks hun, it was a great week, lets hope this week will be as good!

  2. Well done youu. Maybe you should now tking about taking up a role as a personal trainer!! I''ll be your first client.

    1. Thanks Rese! I dont know about being a personal trainer but I can certainly send you my plan!