Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Bringing The Glow Back to My Skin Week 4

Hi everyone

So it's week 4 of my little skin experiment and so far so good, apart from 2 blemishes (oh the joys of having oily, problematic skin). 

I developed Adult Acne at 23 and now, in my 30's, I still suffer from acne breakouts. Looking after my skin is a priority at the moment so I'm drinking 2L of water each day but I know that I'm probably not as strict on my diet at the moment so that's definitely affecting my skin (I'm going to make a huge effort to correct this). 

The main reason for my breakouts is stress. I've had a rough few weeks and the stress has definitely shown on my skin. My breakouts are always around my nose and chin areas and at the moment I have 2 horrible blemishes on my chin. 

Here are the comparison photos and an overall image:

My freckles are out in force, thanks to the beautiful weather that we're having at the moment! The redness has calmed which is great. The one thing that I haven't been able to change during this experiment is the size of my pores. Having naturally oily skin my pores are large and realistically I'd need to go for regular facials to improve this. I do use the Catrice Primer, with or without makeup, which I find fantastic. It evens out the texture of my skin.

Overall I have to say that I'm happy with the results of my skin experiment. I will be doing a home facial this weekend and every month after that. I'll have details on the blog next Thursday of my facial routine.

Until the next time, always remember to be: 

Dee-Termined To Glam & Glow

Dee x

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