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Recent Pinterest Finds | #IrishBlogCollab

Hi everyone!

Wow it's week 6 already of the #IrishBlogCollab and this weeks post is about our Recent Pinterest Finds.

I tend to dip in and out of Pinterest because I find it's addictive. My Pinterest Finds are all house related because at the moment we are  trying to decide on how to extend and renovate our little cottage. I hope you enjoy!

House Design (Link Here)

As I have mentioned, we live in a very small but lovely cottage. It has 5 rooms in total, with no hall or landing! We have 2 teeny tiny bedrooms so the plan is to extend and rennovate the existing cottage. I liked the extension on this house but realistically its probably a bit out of our budget. Every idea helps though!

Attic Space (Link Here)

See a Small Attic Transformed Into a Kid’s Hideaway via @domainehome

I think the use of the space here is great, it would be a fab place to relax and unwind with a good book or even as a playroom for the kids. The upstairs in our cottage at the moment would be ideal for this idea!

French Doors (Link Here)

Blue French doors. Wonder if I could modify the sunroom to make it look like that.

I can just imagine having BBQ's during the summer, wtih the family, in a beautiful area like this. We have a huge garden (Considering the house is tiny!!!) and to have doors like this to open out would be fab.

Stove Fireplace (Link Here)

We have a stove at the moment but I'd like to update the fireplace but also to keep some of the character and I think this nails exactly what I'd like.

Home Office (Link Here)

Home office - color for the tabletop, love the art saying about books & shoes, doesn't take much space to have a cute little office!

I work full time but in an ideal world I'd love to work from home and a home office like this one would be so nice. I would love to blog and work from this office. I love everthing about the layout and decor, its just to fresh!

Antique Oak Floor Boards (Link Here)

The colour of these floor boards is really nice. I love that it looks old but yet can be easily modernised. I think these would really suit the look that we are hoping for in our cottage extension.

Corner Chair (Link Here)

cozy corner chair.

I can just imagine sitting on this chair with my little babba just chilling. Its a lovely chair to relax and curl up in. I think it would suit the corner of the sitting room or even in an open plan kitchen/dining/sunroom.
Log Coffee Table (Link Here)

Log Coffee Table

Now this is something that I know that I could make myself. My dad has a farm and the corner of one fiel is very high so each year lightening strikes at least one tree. One of these trees, struck down during the winter just gone, was quite large and I actually said to Dad that I'd love to dry out some of the pieces of timer that he had cut in order to make a coffee table. I was going to get some toughened glass for the top of it. I still plan on doing it I jsut havent gotten around to it yet!

DIY Kitchen Lights (Link Here)

How cool are these lights?! I like to think that I am a crafty person but I'm not too sure if I could manage to make these. I think they would look so great and I'd love them in my kitchen!

Window Photo Frames (Link Here)

 Old Windows To Display Family Photos @Christina Childress Childress Childress Childress Wiltjer does Tim have two identical windows sitting around in his barn??

This is a great idea and so so easy to do. I think it looks very vintage too and so would suit my little cottage. Its amazing what you can do with a piece of "Junk" isnt it?

Walk in Wardrobe (Link Here)

Every girls dream and I'm no different. Ideally I'd love a big walk in wardrobe but I suppose I need to be realistic too because I'm sure space wise and money wise this wardrobe wuold be way over our budget but I think I'll definitely use it as inspiration.

Jewellry Storage (Link Here)

I'm like a magpie! I love anything that sparkles or glitters and so my jewellry collection is big (Its mainly costume jewellry though). I am also an organisational nut when it comes to my jewellry so I love this idea of well organised, easily viewable jewellry storage.

Childrens Timber Playhouse (Link Here)

Daddy DIY How cool is this - When i get a yard I'm making the husband make this.

What child would nto love this? I know that my little man and his cousins would never leave it! When I win the lotto I'll make sure that its one of my first purchases!

I love everything listed above but who knows whether I will actually use, try or take inspiration from them when we actually start work on our house!

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  1. Love your choices Dee. We have the same tastes in home decor :P x

    1. Thanks Zoe, there was so much more that I could have added in but I didn't want to go overboard!

  2. Love your eye for decor Denise, these are absolutely fab !

    1. Thanks Hun I'm obsessed with home decor lately!!!

  3. Fantastic finds on Pinterest. We have the same taste too :) The office space would be a dream, especially with that table.

    1. Thanks Danielle! I know I love that office, I can dream!!!