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Monday Motivation | A New Start to A New Me

Hi Everyone!

It's been way too long since I've checked in with my weight goals. Yes I did re-evaluate my Long Term Goals, link here but I didn’t go through my weight and measurements properly. To be honest the reason for this is that I have been too embarrassed! Deep down I know that I have been very bad with my food intake and as much as I've tried to convince myself that I have been doing well, I haven't been.
One of my Long Term Goals was to lose 2 stone by my sister's wedding in September and with her hen now only 2 weeks away I got a bit of a shock over the weekend. It didn’t help that as I planned on what clothes I would bring with me, half of them wouldn’t fit properly.  Its time now to really focus and to get my head back into right mind-set.
The Secret & My Mind

At one stage in my life I hit a huge low, I was in a terrible state, mentally, and even had to take time off work to get my head sorted. It's not something that I talk about often but I do feel that it's worth talking about. I had beat myself up emotionally and felt like I wasn’t entitled to achieve or to be successful. At this stage in my life I was introduced to The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. I had never ever heard of the book and its philosophies. Some of you might think that I am mad but at I was at the point where I thought that I'd try anything to become happy again. I won't go into too much detail but the book talks about how positivity is much better than negativity but that a negative thought is twice as powerful as a positive one. It also says that you get back, from the universe, whatever you throw out there. If you feel that you are deserving of something and really believe so, then the universe will give you what you have been visualising.
I'll admit that I only managed to read half of the book because I had gotten what I needed from that much. I had made my vision board, which was hung inside my wardrobe so I would see it every morning and evening, and changed my way of thinking. I began to have more good days than bad days and within the space of 6 months my whole life had changed.  Everything and I mean EVERYTHING on my vision board had come to me! I'm not saying that its some revolutionary solution to improving mental health, what I'm saying is that for me it was definitely a help. It changed my mind-set, which for me is the worst obstacle. I can get very negative and feel like I don’t deserve anything or anybody. The book helped me to get rid of my constant negativity and to realise that I am deserving and not to constantly be so hard on myself.

(Todays Daily Teaching from The Secret App)

I now feel like I do need to read The Secret again and so I have promised myself that I will make my vision board and that I will project more positive than negative thoughts to the universe. I will now start to allow myself to feel like I deserve more enjoyment from life and not constantly worry that if I go out at the weekend we will be financially ruined (That sounds a bit dramatic but that’s how I've felt at times!). I'm going to try to project more positivity into my life and use the book as my mental motivation. If you think I'm crazy reading so much into this book that’s fine, I just want to share a small (Very small) bit of me and how I have used certain tools to change my thinking.
The Secret & My Weight Loss Goal
You are probably wondering why The Secret has anything to do with my weight loss? Well it has a lot to do with it and mainly because The Secret helps me to reset my mind and my way of thinking. I am now going to focus more on the mental side of my weight loss. It's quite easy to focus on the physical and I have done that through all of my running and climbing so now I need to focus my mind. I have no problem motivating myself to go for a run so I often wonder why I find it so hard to motivate myself to mentally change my focus from negative to positive. This is the first step for me and I hope that it will be what I need to get to where I want to be and of course to maintain a good balance.
Anybody that you speak to will always say that food and diet go hand in hand when trying to get fit and healthy and ultimately will lead to weight loss. I agree but I also think that we need to add our mentally to this. It very easy to go for a walk or a run or go to an exercise class and feel great afterwards, but if you hit a low during the week and reach for the chocolate (Which I do quite a lot!!!), what's going to stop you? Your mentally and will power of course. That’s why I think that the vision board is a great way of keeping you on track because it’s a constant reminder of where you want to be. It doesn’t have to be weight loss focused, as mine is at the moment, it can be anything in life. I'm not going to share my vision board publicly because I feel that it needs to be private to me but I will tell you that I have placed it near my bed so that I see it morning and night and I have also saved an image of it onto my phone, just in case I need the motivation during the day!
My Weight
This is the part that I hate! Here is my weight
Height: 5 ft 7"
Weight 12 stone 7 lbs
BMI: 27.3
Just look at that I am back up over half a stone since my last weigh in. I'm not very impressed with myself but I know that deep down I have not been focused so it's time to change all of that. It's very easy to fall back into bad habits and I have just proven that, looking at those measurements.
If anyone has read the book "Run Fat Bitch Run" the author , Ruth Field, always says that you should not worry about your diet when beginning to run, until you can comfortable ensure that you will stick to your training. I feel that I am now at that stage. I have no problem going for a walk, run or hike and I actually feel guilty when I don't go (Plus it's some well needed Me-Time), so I know that I am now ready to fully commit to a healthier lifestyle and work on improving my diet.
Step 1 (Starting a regular fitness routine): Completed but it will always be an ongoing task
Step 2 (Improving my diet to work with my exercise routine): Work in Progress
Step 3 (Maintaining my hard work): Constant ongoing task
I'd love to hear if any of you use different techniques to help with your focus? Please let me know. I'll keep a regular update on the blog and hopefully I'll have achieved my goals by the wedding in 9 weeks!

Until the next time, always remember to be: 

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