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Run Killarney 10K

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“The Most Beautiful Road Race in the World” took place on Saturday 18th of July in Killarney, Co Kerry. Orla and I both participated in the Run Killarney 10K. Originally we wanted to aim for the half marathon but we were not fully there yet with our training and were happy to participate in the 10K.
The Route

(Image thanks to Run Killarney)

The race started at 10.30am 100 yards from The Gleneagle Hotel.  Initially the 10K runners were asked to meet and wait in the small car park of the hotel, and we were then directed to walk the 100 yards to the start line together as a group. We ran out the Muckross Road, towards the Killarney National Park. We ran along this road for 3km before turning right into the National park. The ground at this stage of the race was uneven in parts but it was nothing that we couldn’t handle. The organisers made sure to warn all participants of the road condition within the National Park. Orla and I spoke afterwards about it and we both felt that it wasn’t as bad as we had though, which was a good thing!
The views in around the National Park were stunning. We ran at the foot of the mountains and the edges of the lakes and at the 6K mark we pass the absolutely stunning Muckross house. The Jaunting Cars were the only obstacle to contend with but we had been warned by the race organisers that they were to get right of way on the roads and that we were to run around them. I can’t say that I had any problem with them.
Once we exited the National Park we ran the last 2.5km to the finish where we had a huge welcome from the organisers and supporters. The finish line was located directly across the road from the Gleneagle Hotel. Once finished we were given a medal, t-shirt and hot meal voucher. There was also an opportunity to use a hot tub or get a massage.
My 10K

I started out the day thinking that the race start time was 10am so we ended up getting to Killarney in loads of time. We arrived as the first of the half and full marathon runners were finishing. They had started running at 8am that morning. I have nothing but the utmost admiration for these athletes. It’s such a massive achievement to finish any race but a race to the distance of 13 or 26 miles is just amazing and they should all be very proud of themselves.

As normal Orla and I said goodbye and good luck to each other at the start line and we set out at our own pace. I was aiming to finish in 1 hour and 5 mins. I didn’t feel as nervous as I normally do so initially I felt good! The weather was quite changeable on the day. It was wet and cold one minute and warm and sunny the next. There was a good breeze too, which helped as we neared the end of the race. Orla and I couldn’t decide whether to wear sleeveless tops or to cover up more to keep ourselves dry from the rain. I decided to wear a t-shirt and Orla wore a long sleeve running top. We were both wrong in our choice because the rain stayed away as we ran and it actually became quite warm.

I ran at my normal slow and steady pace, taking in the beautiful scenery. I won’t lie I ran for the first 5K, until the first water station, and then I walked for a little bit. I walked and ran off and on for the next 3K and I decided that I would run the final 2K. It's probably one of the first times that I can say that I’m not disappointed that I ended up walking. I really enjoyed the race and I’m delighted that I was able to participate. A fellow blogger and runner, John from  “19 St to 10K” once said to me that it doesn’t matter whether I walked, ran or crawled, the fact that I went out and finished the race is an achievement. My time was 1:10:10 and considering that I walked some of the race, I'm fairly happy.

It was probably the first race where I felt that my knees were tired, I never normally have that problem. We did a good warm up, running around the car park and stretching, beforehand, so I know that it wasn’t because of this. I also felt that my feet were tired ¾ of the way around the route. I know I sound like I am full of excuses but everyone has good days and bad days and even though I’m happy with how the race went, ultimately it wasn’t the best that I have done. I have loads of room for improvement now!
What's Up Next
If any of you follow my Facebook or Twitter pages (Links below) you will know that I have just started a new 6 week Running Conditioning Programme with Crème Dela Crème Fitness in Newcastlewest. I will be going to this class every Monday night for the next 6 weeks and I’m hoping that it will help to improve my overall fitness and stamina.
Race-wise my next scheduled run was due to be this coming Sunday, the 26th of July. It’s a 10K in Broadford Co Limerick and unfortunately I cannot make it as it’s my sisters hen party in Cork so I won’t be back on time! The next race after that is the Milford 4 Mile Race in aid of the Shane Fitzgibbon Rehabilitation Fund, link here,on the 2nd of August. This is for such a great cause and it’s local to me so I couldn’t not attend. It’s going to be a great way of seeing how my running is progressing.

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  1. Well done! Killarney is beautiful and I say running through the park was a great sight. You done great time and as you said it doesn't matter how you got to the end, it matters that you did x

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    2. Thanks Dannielle! Killarney is fab and there's always such a buzz, I'm just glad that I got up that morning and made the trip down!

  2. I'm in awe of you and your determination

  3. I'm in awe of you and your determination

    1. Ah thanks Rese, you are always such a good supporter! X