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REVIEW: Dermatique Recuperating Cream

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As you probably know by now, I have a small son who suffers from eczema. He has had it on and off, since he was born. It mainly affects his forehead, behind his ears and the worst area are his wrists. He does get the odd patch on his arms and legs but these are usually quite small.

We have cut dairy out of his diet and at the start this did make a difference but the eczema kept coming back. The main issue is that when he gets tired my small man would scratch his wrists and any other affected area. This has often led to him breaking the skin. It just means that the skin is not getting the chance to heal as it is constantly irritated.

We have used all types of creams, from steroid based creams to natural creams and none of them seemed to calm or lessen the appearance of it more than Dermatique's Recuperating Cream. The lovely people from Dermatique, link here, sent me a tub of the cream 4 weeks ago and I have been using it on my son’s eczema twice a day ever since.

Dermatique have been around since 1996 but I have only just been introduced to them. Their products are developed, under the strict supervision of dermatologists and skin care professionals, to help in the treatment of eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, and itchy skin. Originally the cream was developed by a mother and father who’s 9 month old daughter was diagnosed withsevere eczema. Their drive and ambition created the brand and provided a cure for their daughter and any other eczema sufferer.

Dermatique only use the finest natural ingredients that won’t harm sensitive skin. There are no artificial perfumes, synthetic colour or parabens added to their products. I think that’s part of the reason that I was so drawn to trying this cream on my son. He has had sensitive skin since he was born and I was so sick of putting creams laced with chemicals, onto his delicate skin. Some of the ingredients used include:

· Blackcurrant Seed Oil
· Narcissus Extract
· Centella Asiatica
· Licorice Extract
· Bisabolol
· Argan Oil

I could easily have written up a review within 2 weeks of getting the cream but I wanted to be sure that the results were as good after the 2 weeks. So often I have tried creams that are like miracle workers, fading the redness and roughness of the eczema and then after 2 weeks there is no more change. I wanted to be sure that I was writing an honest review and that I was not eating my words the following week.

I started applying the cream morning and evening every day. The first thing that I noticed was that texture of the skin was softening. The horrible roughness was disappearing. It stayed like this for a day or so, until the redness too started to fade. After 2 weeks there was a noticeable difference and people even started to comment that the skin was clearing.
(My Sons Right hand - Week 1 on top and week 4 on the bottom. His right hand was the worst affected area and the results speak for themselves!)

The eczema is still there but it has faded so much. When he gets tired, my son will scratch and there were days where I felt like I was back to square one but I am delighted with the results. I hated using chemicals on his skin as I always feel that these will have a lasting effect and I would hate for him to be left with scarring from the eczema. I just feel that this cream has done what is claimed it would do, without being harmful to the skin.

This weekend we had another little flair up, mainly because my son only went for a very short nap and refused to sleep any more. This routine seems to have continued all week so naturally he becomes over tired and wont stop scratching his wrists and ear. It’s a battle that I am constantly fighting and I am hoping that he will grow out of it but I’m glad that I have found a cream that does what it says it will do. I will no longer be running to the doctor for another prescription for a cream full of chemicals.

I think what I really like, and was happily surprised by, was the texture and consistency of the cream. Most dry skin creams are heavy and thick but the Recuperating Cream was light and fluffy and feels so nice on your skin. Even my son loves having it put on as I massage it gently into his skin.

The great thing is about the Recuperating Cream is that I can use it myself too. I have been using it on my own hands for the past couple of weeks to help with the dryness and so far so good. Dermatique have a number of other products, which I am yet to try, but needless to say, when payday comes around on Friday I’ll be making a few purchases!

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