Tuesday, 12 January 2016

New Year’s Resolutions

So what else does a person do to celebrate their 1 year blogaversary last Wednesday? Go to a kickboxing class of course! Rebels Meelin, link here, have recently began giving kickboxing classes in my local hall in Dromcollogher so I thought that I would check it out. I felt that it was a great start to kick off the new year, pardon the pun.
Now don’t get me wrong I am not planning on going on a starvation diet and running until my legs fall off. No this year I have decided not to set any major New Year’s Resolutions, instead deciding to eat well and keep exercising and if fitness, weight loss and a bikini body come with it then I’m happy. "Happy" being the main factor because in many ways 2015 was not a good year and looking back I can see that I was cranky and easily irritable. Negativity was also a factor and I’m sure that my family would agree with this, so 2016 is my year of becoming happy and positive and the kickboxing class started it all off!

My cousin and I decided that we would try the class together. It’s always great having someone else there for support and encouragement, in particular when it’s your first time attending that class. It started with us signing in and once we were introduced to the trainers, Pa and Damien, they then ran through the aims of the class. What I liked about the guys was that they followed the same theme all the way through the class “Listen to Your Body”. They constantly said that if we felt sick or sore we should take a rest. Yes they wanted us to push ourselves but to push ourselves to our own personal limits and not everyone else’s because everyone else was at a different stage of fitness. They were also very conscious of people getting injured from over working ourselves.
The class itself began with a very intense warm up with interval training of sprinting and jogging. Following on from this we began reps of a number of exercises including burpees (Which I hate by the way but I know they are a great exercise), lunges, squats, push ups and the plank. All the way through the warm up the trainers would tell us why each exercise was beneficial and how many calories we were burning. Amazingly the warm up exercises that we did were the equivalent of running on the treadmill for 60 mins!!! 
Next came the boxing itself. We didn’t get to do the actual kicks, as it was the first night back since Christmas, but we boxed our way around the hall. The boxing involved pairing up with someone else and jabbing, so hitting each other’s gloves at the same time. It was all so controlled and the trainers constantly reminded us how important it was to protect our faces, so I never had any worry about being punched. Our cool down involved lots of stretching and again the trainer provided us will all the necessary information as to why we were doing each stretch. We burned approx 750 calories during the class and were told NOT to reach for the tea and biscuits when we got home as we would ruin all of our hard work!  I will definitely be back next week because it was a really enjoyable class and I was full of energy afterwards. It’s only 5 mins from my house so that is always a plus too!

With 2016 being a new year I have once again signed myself up for the Run Clare Series, link here. This unique series involves 4 races over 4 months and going from 5K to 5 Miles. I loved this race series last year and I can’t wait to get back into the routine of it again this year.

As well as the Run Clare Series my mad sister has decided to sign us up to take part in Adare to Survive, link here, later in the year. This means more training but a completely fun and random type of training!

New Year’s Resolutions

As I mentioned the only New Years resolutions that I am going to make are to eat well and keep exercising regularly. Mentally being happy is also a goal. I don't think that those goals are unreachable so here's to a fantastic 2016!!!!


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