Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Eamon Moloney Memorial 10K

I ran Race 3 The Run Clare Series, the Eamon Moloney Memorial 10K on Easter Saturday in Ennis. This was my favourite race don't last year so I had high hopes this year, in patricular considering how great I felt following the previous weeks  Pakie Ryan 10K, link here.

The Route

The route was the same as last year, starting and finishing at Rice College. It was relatively flat, however there were a number of inclines from the 2-5k marks. The road surface was quite rough throughout this stretch. Water stations were located in 2 places along the route.

My 10K 

As usual the girls and I said our good byes and best wishes at the start. We each ran/walked to our own pace. 

I was so nervous last year and I felt similar this year, although not as badly but at the same time I felt good and fairly confident. I was very happy with the 10K from the previous week so I knew I would do ok.

As usual I started at a steady consistent pace. In saying that though I ran the first kilometre in 5 mins but I felt quite comfortable doing so. I ran each kilometre after that in either 6 or 7 minutes and ran the final kilometre in 5 minutes.

This year I have been timing each run with my watch and I've noticed such a difference. I'm now more aware of my timings and I'm consciously trying to push myself harder. It's definitely more motivating!

I found running from the 3km point to 5km point the toughest. My head was telling me to stop, this is probably due to the uneven road surface, the inclines and the fact that I had known the route quite well. It can be much harder running a familiar route because you are constantly watching the landmarks and thinking that you should be further down the road.

Once I had gotten over my "wall" of negativity I pushed myself through the full 10k. Upon reaching the 9km point I decided that I would pick up the pace. I lengthened my stride and actually felt very comfortable. 

Rounding the corner at the Courthouse, with only 100 yards to go, I began to sprint to the finish. My husband, son, sister and some friends were all there cheering me on and it was the best feeling to finish with a smile!

My time was 1:08:16. Although this didn't beat last years time, I'm delighted with my performance. This race has made me realise that I am capable of so much more than I give myself credit for. 

I spoke with my husband afterwards and he felt that, even though I was out of breath and tired, I still had plenty in the tank. He was right. I know that I just need to step up my training and use my watch to push myself even further by timing each km and setting achieveable goals to get to where I want to be.

Jason and Lorraine and their team always run a fantastic event. This year the goodie bags and medals were bigger and better but the t-shirts were just fantastic. Those of us lucky enough to get one were delighted with them. I have been showing mine to anyone and everyone!

I have to say that although my husband and son didn't run or walk, due to my husband having an injured back, Jason and Lorraine were so generous and welcoming towards them and this is what I love about coming to their events so thanks guys!

What's Up Next?

Race 4 of The Run Clare Series, the Sonny Murphy 10 Mile is my next race and I'm feeling good about it. Last year I was extremely sick prior to the race so I wasn't very positive but this year I'm feeling much better about it. It's the 4th race in the series and I'm so excited to receive finally my medal!!!

Thanks again to John O'Neill, and Jacqui for the photographs.


  1. Keep up the good work Dee and continue to believe

  2. Keep up the good work Dee and continue to believe

    1. Thanks Rese, hopefully the 10 mile will go well at the weekend!

  3. Wow Dee, that is some timing well done!!

    1. Thanks Kellie, I've a lot of improving to do but I'm delighted with the time I did considering my poor training!