Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Sonny Murphy Memorial 10 Mile | Run Clare Series 2016

Despite the horrendous weather conditions last Sunday, Orla and I went up to Kilinaboy for the final race of the Run Clare Series, the Sonny Murphy Memorial 10k. 

This has always been the race that i dread, for a number of reasons, it's bittersweet really. The 10 mile distance is daunting for new runners like myself and It's also race 4 of the series. Yes we finally get to wear our medals but it also means the series is over. 

The Route

Again we ran the same route as last year, taking in the beautiful scenery of The Burren. It once again started, and finished, at Kilnaboy church. We ran along one giant loop, running along some lovely quiet country roads into Corofin and then back to Kilnaboy.

My 10 Miles

I woke up on Sunday morning to sleet, snow, wind and a bitter sting in the air. This wasn't going to stop me from heading to Kilinaboy though. I had that amazing medal in sight!

Luckily when we got to Kilinaboy the weather had improved so we only had to deal with the wind. The rain manage to hold off while we ran the 10 mile route.

I had been extremely happy with the two most recent 10k's that I had ran so I felt positive heading into the 10 miles. I would be lying if I said that I wasn't nervous though because I always get nervous every before any run. 

Orla and I said our usual goodbyes at the start line and each set out to run the 10 miles back to Kilinaboy. There was a huge burst at the start and everyone was jostling for position. I just ran at my own pace and tried not to get caught up running at a fast pace.

I aimed to run 11 minute miles so I was delighted that I ran the first mile in 10 minutes and after that I averaged 11.5 minutes. I kept running at a comfortable pace while at the same time pushing myself as far as I could. At the 4 mile point I felt like I had a burst of energy and picked up the pace, running that mile in under 10 minutes.

I ran past the first two water stations, taking my gels instead. At the 6.5 mile water station I took some water and then ran on to the 7 mile point befor I began walking for a little bit.

Shortly after this we ran into Corofin village and at this point I was running again. All was going well, that was until I jumped up onto the footpath to avoid an oncoming car. I must have landed awkwardly because I felt a pain shoot through my right knee. I had no choice but to walk for awhile. I was gutted because I was on track to beat last years time by 10 minutes.

After walking for a while and shaking my knee out I tried running but I wasn't able to run for long as my knee felt weak. Once saw the last incline towards the finish I decided to run again. With only 400 yards to go Orla met me along the road and ran back with me. I was so delighted to see the finishline and despite hurting myself and having to walk I crossed the finishline in 1:54:18. I am delighted to say that I ran the race 6 minutes faster than last year! 

Finally I got to meet the lovely John from "From 19st to 10K". We have both ran this series for the past two years and finally met one another. He is an inspiration to anyone struggling with weight and thinking about running.

Once again Kilinaboy did not disappoint. The series was fantastic and thoroughly enjoyable. Jason and Lorraine have done an amazing job putting this race and the whole series together. Well done guys and roll on 2017!!!

What's Up Next?

For me next up is the Joanne McMahon Thanksgiving 10k, which takes place in the morning. Followed by the Doolin to Liscannor cliff top walk and the "Footsteps to Freedom" next weekend.

Some very exciting news broke during the week: Entries to the Run Clare 2017 have opened!!!!! The early bird entry is €50, in May it will increase to €55 and then to €65 in September. I signed up straight away as this is a huge motivating factor for me and it's something to look forward to in January!

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