About Me

2014 was a year full of challenges and full of firsts! I had my first baby, the beautiful Colin in June. Following this I decided to set some goals for myself so as to not get "lazy". I signed up to do a number of hill climbs and runs and I enjoyed it so much but I wasn't losing the weight that I needed to.
I applied to take part in the "Drop A Dress Size" Challenge with Fit Man Fran on The RTE Today Show. By some miracle one of the researchers called me and so my weight loss/health lifestyle journey began. I lost 10lbs and 15 inches of body fat on the program! To say I was delighted was an understatement! It made me realise that I have the will-power and determination to keep going.
Being watched by the public on a weekly basis was motivation enough for me! As a result when the programme ended I just didn't have the same drive so I decided to set up the blog to document my journey towards reaching my long term goals of getting fit and healthy. My long term goals are:
  • Run 10 miles by April
  • Lose 2 stone by my sisters wedding in September
  • Do 8 hill walks/mountain climbs

I am a 30 something wife, new mom, beauty therapist/makeup artist, office manager and so many other things! I will be blogging about my fitness/healthy lifestyle journey and also a lot of other things in between! I hope you enjoy it as much as I am enjoying writing it!
Dee xxx